About Us

Jerry Tuten : President/Owner of PMC

The owner, Jerry Tuten, has been in the Manufacturing Business for over 30 years. His extensive background with set-up and programming CNC machines began while working with his father as a young man in his father’s machine shop.  Since working with his father, he has worked for several major companies, learning and honing his knowledge of automated machining and custom machine works. Jerry has worked hard at establishing a reputation for integrity, premium quality, and top notch products. He has an extensive background with set-up and programming CNC Machines. His goal for Precision Machined Components is to become a world-class company.

Alan Tuten : Vice President of PMC

The Vice President, Alan Tuten, has been involved in the family business since he was a toddler. He grew up around his grandfather and father’s teachings around programming CNC machines and custom machine works. Alan has great knowledge in the automated machining world. You will find him right next to his father when it comes to dedication and experince in the business.